Questions for customers

Never - whether you're hungry for a simple side salad or a full-fledged feast, Click Lunch has no minimum order requirements. Ever.
Yes - it's easy to get exactly what you want! Each restaurant menu puts you in control, allowing you to customize your lunch the way you want it made. If you have dietary restrictions or special requests, just note them in the "Special Instructions" when placing your order.
There's no guesswork...the moment your meal arrives, you'll receive a notification from ClickLunch.
ClickLunch's restaurant partners match the menu prices you find in the store, with no hidden fees, no tipping, and no minimum order requirements.
Of course - just click "add another item" located near the checkout button.
Yes - you can see restaurant options and place pre-orders up to 5 days in advance. Go ahead and plan your week out, so you don't have to worry about lunch.
We know time is money, so we strictly monitor delivery times and notify you immediately when your food arrives. If your order is ever more than 15-30 minutes late, ClickLunch will give reimbursement for the inconvenience.
We apologize if you ever experience an issue with your order. If you do, please contact the restaurant using the phone number on your receipt or contact ClickLunch Support directly at
ClickLunch orders are delivered to one centralized location in each office. Pickup instructions can be seen during the ordering process and are included on your confirmation email receipt. If you're having trouble locating your order, please let us know at

Questions for businesses

We're excited to hear from you! First, check to see if your office building is now in the network by searching your building address. If your business is not already in the network, we can't wait to have you join. Please submit a request, and we will be in touch soon!
There is NO COST to join the ClickLunch Network!
None! ClickLunch requires no ongoing maintenance.
Absolutely! ClickLunch makes it easy for you to cover all or a portion of your employees' meals. If you are interested in using ClickLunch for team events, employee recognition, or subsidizing meal costs, let us know (link to

Restaurant questions

We are always partnering with new restaurants to grow our network and would love for you to join! Contact us using the form here , and we'll be in touch soon. If you're in our service areas, it's a simple process to get started, and our technology makes it easy for you to generate more business with your existing resources - no tablet required!
No! There's no binding contract or upfront cost to be a partner in the ClickLunch Network.
ClickLunch is customizable for each of our restaurant partners. We allow you to control the process - menu offerings, timing of orders, delivery distances, etc. - ensuring ClickLunch is a valuable addition to your day-to-day operations.
ClickLunch is different in many ways: our consumer base is STRICTLY BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS, our technology makes it easy and profitable for YOU TO DO THE DELIVERY, so we're able to make it LOW COST for everyone involved - meaning more control over your product and more money in your pocket!

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